Quality Electronics ISO-9001 Certification to new 2015 Standard

Quality Electronics completed its ISO 9001-2015 certification on November 8,2017.

We continue to accomplish improving quality and efficiency, we completed a review of all existing manufacturing documentation and updated it to the new standard.

Quality Electronics completed ISO Certification

Quality Electronics completed its ISO 9001 certification on November 24,2014. Our ISO Action Plan has been accomplished toward improving quality and efficiency, such as the development of new instruction manuals for critical procedures and processes, and the review of all existing manufacturing documentation.

Our ISO certification is a strategic move that will take our culture of continuous improvement to the next level, and will ensure the highest quality and best value for our customers. Learn more about our value-added services including assemblytest and inspection services, manufacturing design and rework.

Quality Electronics Features the Panasonic BM231 Surface Mount Placement Machine

The Panasonic BM231 is a highly versatile and extremely flexible high-speed surface mount placement machine. It has the ability to accurately place many different types and sizes of components. From the small passive components such as 0402s to WFPs and BGAs as large as 42mm by 42mm.

Panasonic BM231 Surface Mount Placement Machine at Quality Electronics

Panasonic BM231 Surface Mount Placement Machine at Quality Electronics in Columbia, SC

The flexibility of the BM231 also allows for quick and accurate placement of less conventional components, such as surface mount connectors or box headers. The stationary component camera looks at every component and checks not only the physical size and alignment on the placement nozzle, but also on leaded parts it also checks for lead count, lifted or dropped leads, and for missing or otherwise damaged leads.

The BM231 has one large placement head containing eight nozzle locations that use interchangeable placement nozzles kept in the nozzle docking station in the machine’s work space. On either side of the placement head is a PCB camera. This camera’s primary function is to check the PCB’s actual alignment on the placement table and then allow the machine to slightly adjust placements of the components to ensure accurate placements. The PCB cameras are also used to align the component pick up positions causing there to be far fewer bad pickups and dumped parts. They are also used when a placement on the PCB is off either due to bad information in the customer’s pick and place filed used in programing or a slight physical placement change because of a new board revision.

When our customers cannot supply useable pick and place files and PanaPro cannot be used to remotely write the PCB placement program, then these cameras allow the programmer to locally program the product directly on the machine.

Located on the backside of the machine are two tray towers. These simply allow us to use components such QFPs, PLCCs, or BGAs that are sent to us in trays without having to place them in feeder tape. The feeders for the BM231 are another one of the machines assets. They are very easily removed and reloaded and when necessary the operator can easily adjust the feed pitch on any of the feeders from the 12mm widths and up. The machine also has the ability to not only use single or double component feeders, but can actually differentiate between the two which is another way it helps keep the operator from making a human error mistake.

With everything briefly mentioned here, these are the major benefits this machine has to offer. It is an extremely flexible and very accurate placement machine that has continuously allowed our company to quickly and easily meet each of our customer’s unique product needs.