Assembly Capabilities

Board Assemblies

  • SMT
  • Through-Hole
  • Mixed Technology
  • Flex Circuits

Quality Electronics offers the best possible board assemblies through our unique combination of seasoned technicians and reliable equipment. On average, our technicians have 15 years of automated and manual board assembly experience, and our Panasonic assembly line offers the best mix of reliability and flexibility to meet every need. Whether you have surface mount, BGA, CSP, through-hole, flex circuits, or a mixture of everything, Quality Electronics knows your technology and will deliver quality assemblies on-time.

Mixed-technology boards are more difficult because of the need for hand-work and finesse. Many shops have automated board assembly systems, but few have the workforce that can reliably assemble boards containing a high-density mixture of automated and manual placements. At Quality Electronics, the majority of the boards we assemble requires a mix of technologies, so we are very accustomed to the care and attentiveness required to ensure all components are placed and soldered correctly.

Our more common board assembly capabilities include:

  • Automated and manual fine pitch SMT
  • Automated and manual PTH
  • BGA / CSP with x-ray capability
  • Automated and manual wave soldering

Electro-Mechanical Assemblies:

By using Quality Electronics to assemble your electromechanical devices, you save both time and money. Let us assemble your electronics boards, then build the entire product assembly to reduce your leadtime, improve your overall product yields, and reduce your total product cost.

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